Please note these are open editions and unsigned by the artist.

When you hear the word blockchain, it's implied that you are talking about the "main net" where transactions have real monetary value. But there are a number of "test net" blockchains where developers can program and test their code before it goes live. They do not require Proof of Work calculations, and can operate by what's known as Proof of Authority. One such network is called Rinkeby.

The Rinkeby network is where I spent countless hours testing, debugging and minting Ringers in preparation for the launch. I personally minted almost 1,000 Ringers during this process. In a parallel universe, this set could have been minted on the main net, but because they were generated on the Rinkeby network, they technically have no value from a blockchain perspective.

And so I present what I call "The Rinkeby Sessions" master print open editions for those who want to own a piece of Ringers history, but were unable or unwilling to purchase one on the Ethereum main net.

While many who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency might not understand why main net Ringers have any value, many who are familiar with cryptocurrency might wonder why you are assigning value to these test net Ringers.