A total of 17 editions will be created, and total of $1,388.30 (after costs) was raised and donated.

SNaPCo received $694.15 (with transaction ID 8YY38592H1935915K) and House of GG received $694.15 (with receipt ID #1889-5961)


Coded by Dmitri Cherniak and originally generated on 2020/03/07 at 19:27:23 with the seed '942748'. It was created in javascript using three.js, and printed as a fine art giclee ink print with art dimensions of 11 inches x 11 inches with a 1 inch white border around the print. The paper dimensions will be 13 inches x 13 inches.

This will be a timed edition, meaning the edition will be capped by how many editions are sold in a 24 hour period. From June 17th 12pm EST to June 18th 12PM EST.

The algorithm uses three dimensional subdivision with padding, a probabilistic coloring scheme, and GLSL shaders to create the appearance of grain.


The print will cost $100 USD and each sale will net approximately $80 USD that will be split between the The Solutions NOT Punishment Collaborative (SNaPCo) and House of GG.

I commit to publicly sharing all the documentation and accounting after it is done to verify the transactions have gone through.

The Solutions NOT Punishment Collaborative (SNaPCo)

The Solutions NOT Punishment Collaborative is a Black trans and queer led collaborative that builds the power of our people to wage and win campaigns that force systematic divestment from the Prison Industrial Complex and investment in the services and supports us. this mission is grounded in our commitment toward ending the mass crisis of passive genocide, incarceration, and criminalization of Black Trans women, trans/queer people and the larger Black community.

House of GG

Founded and led by Trans and gender nonconforming people and our allies, we create safe and transformative spaces where members of our community can heal—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—from the trauma arising from generations of transphobia, racism, sexism, poverty, ableism and violence, and nurture them into tomorrow’s leaders. We currently primarily focus on supporting and nurturing the leadership of Transgender women of color living in the U.S. South.